CSS Filter Generator

This site generates an overlay effect for images using CSS filters and mix-blend-mode code. You can create the graphical effects by adjusting various parameters such as brightness, contrast, grayscale, hue-rotation, opacity, blur, etc.

CSS Box Shadow Generator

This site facilitates you with various CSS tools and snippets for design and creative needs. One of its tools includes a CSS Box Shadow Generator that helps in generating a cross-browser code to create a 3D Box effect for web components and texts.


This website comes with an AI background remover that helps you in taking your profile picture game to the next level by manipulating colors, shadows, and other settings.


If you are looking for a fast SVG badge generator with zero dependencies then Badgen is the right stop for you.


This is an awesome library that you can use to generate beautiful hamburger menu icons.


This website provides a collection of beautiful free open-source icon resources.


Coolors help you in color scheme generation. It allows you to save and export your generated color palettes as PNG, SVG, PDF, or SCSS. It also gives you the ability to create a color palette based on an image of your choice.

Color Tints & Shades on colorpoint.io

This is an excellent website to generate different tints and shades from colors.


Manypixels is a great library to fulfill all your Illustration needs. You can select and customize from different categories, types, and colors.

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