Who We are

Knowtech aims to fill the gap between people and their basic understanding of technology to help them be more aware about their tech and make their lives easier and be more productive.


With Modern technology revolutionizing and changing our lives in countless ways- from AI advancements to efficient space rockets. Today, technology is almost inescapable in all our daily lives- from social media to the way we work and lifestyle comforts, we’re surrounded by tech one way or another, but still there exists a percentage of the common public which lacks the basic understanding of computers and efficiently using their day to day technologies. The evolution and advancement of technology is fruitful only if they’re being used in the right and their most efficient ways. Knowtech is an initiative to make people more technologically aware.


We at Knowtech believe that every person should be aware of the basics of tech in their hand. Our goal is to simplify tech talks- to help people learn, understand and enjoy their tech in the most efficient ways. From tech hacks, reviews, recommendations and emerging tech news, we aim to make our audience technologically literate one step at a time.